Why choose ePlus Marketing ?
ePlus Marketing is different in our history, approach and process. We're one of the first digital marketing companies in St. Louis which means we have the experience and knowledge to tackle your projects regardless of the size or complexity. Our approach is unique in that it is based on sound marketing and business principles. The process is a proven methodology of research, strategy, planning, execution, measure, modify and results. This combination has resulted in our clients, on average, see a 3:1 rate of return.
At first glance, you would not think a multi-billion dollar company like Solutia or a small 5 million dollar retail store have anything in common, but they do. The qualities that are similar to all of our clients is that they understand that marketing is an investment, have a sincere desire to strive for excellence, and have come to trust our abilities and methods. We work with large and small firms. They can be B2B or B2C companies that have ecommerce, lead generation or informative Websites. We don't take on every prospective client, but ONLY the ones who know that hiring the best team is worth the investment and those who wish to work together as in a true business partnership.
ePlus Marketing takes on a variety of marketing roles for our clients. For some, we are their complete marketing department, for others we're the digital arm of marketing and other clients we assist as consultants or just on project by project basis. We start with the strategy, and if a company or department does not have one, we develop it. From there we can assist with branding to Websites. If your marketing plan calls for tactics outside of our core competencies our vetted trusted partners will assist. Contact us today to find out if your needs match our capabilities. Call today to get started 314.569.9880.
An average return ratio of 3:1 on marketing investment for our clients is a start. But there are several clients who see a much greater return on investment. Solutia's lead generation Website experienced an increase of Website conversion by 300%, traffic increase by 120%, Search engine ranking to the top of Google internationally and leads went from 3 per month to over 25 per month. Another lead generation retail client saw sales go from 200 sales to over 2,000. Call us today at 314.569.9880 and we will be able to show you these case studies and others.

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